When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace midway impression

CaptureAnother anime with an interesting concept…..however, the show fails to use it as story/plot devise.

Why give these kids magical powers? If you wanted to make jokes about slice of life with magic give them powers that can be used for mundane tasks.

*The only power they have explored using this idea is teleporting.*

With strange powers come many bazar ideas.

If you want to come with a strange concept for a show go all the way and don’t let anyone hold you back. You will be taking a big risk money wise due to the unsecured audience you will be aiming for but, if you succeed your anime will be a lot more well-known and will manage to sell dvd’s way past the end of that season.

I really can’t this anime going anywhere with this premise in the last couple of episodes.


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  1. Personally this anime doesn’t really take it self seriously Icy xDD. Granted I haven’t watched much of the show so far. But that is what the impression I got from it.

    1. I don’t care if the takes itself seriously or not, my problem is that the show is playing it WAY too safe for the premise they have chosen.

      what is the point in giving everyone powers if your not going to use them?
      Did they get given powers just to make one joke?
      “My powers have become very boring over the many months.”

      1. I suspect so Icy xDD. The blurb of the show does tell us, exactly what to expect in this show. No super villains, just our daily lives. Trigger, the studio have a knack for not taking things too seriously, kill la kill is their most well known show.

      2. welcome to no frills airline.
        T-o They seem to be a very new company (can’t find much on them).

      3. looking at there portfolio they haven’t made many shows (they have helped out other production).

        T-o I know of Little Witch Academia and Kill la Kill.

        looking at the other shows they have produced “When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace” is an odd ball.

      4. http://www.st-trigger.co.jp/works/

        ^_^ All of the anime trigger have made!

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