Yona of the Dawn 25% impression

CaptureI have no idea how many episodes this anime has.

Random guy: “He has broken ribs.” T-o How can he know that??? O_O How did he know how they fell to the ground when he only accidently stumbled upon their bodies??

Welcome back to “The World is Still Beautiful” err…..I mean “Yona of the Dawn”. You can honestly tell that this anime was produced by almost the same people (the style and the tone feel identical). ^-o let’s dive head first into 6 episode and see If this anime has managed to distinguish itself from its sister.

Answer: T-o kind of???

I have found that this anime has had a much easier time balancing out its goofy moment’s with the serious tones that the show wishes to present to you (it’s not immaturely placed).  The only down side to this show compared to its sister has to that all of the characters are uninteresting planks of card bored that I do not care about.

Another downside to this anime is that is feels too contrived (I feel like I’m watching an historical reenactment of a fight/ betrayal that never happened). * Hypothetical betrayal the anime.*

Fire, wind, earth, water kingdom….*smirks*^_^

It’s a tender rain

are you now sick of this song

It plays all the time

Just to move the plot along

*welcome to my plot convenience song.*


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