^-o I’m back from London

I’m glad to see that everything uploaded on time with not glitches or hiccups.

I have been reading “puella magi kazumi magica” while I was in are hotel (DB had to take the book from me because was I getting too annoyed).  I don’t understand why kazumi magica had to take place in the puella magi world.

* I don’t understand your plan Jubey.*

I finally have my first proper model: small Madoka with kyubey.

I got 2 “Free!” key-chains, “Free!” poker cards, an umbreon cushion, “puella magi kazumi magica” book 2 and “Terra formars” book 1.

^_^ It was fascinating to see so many different types of people and hear so many languages float right on past me.

DB showed me his first stomping ground when he was little, before we got distracted by the wild parrots in the park.

We were saying in hotel paddington which had 2 separate beds, an old tv and kettle (I love that kettle).  You couldn’t get any privacy in the bathroom because it had a louver door with really big gaps.

I went to the theatre and watched mousetrap and then just walked around London for the most part.

It was an interesting experience that I would love to do again.

Holiday laughs  

Somebody used me as a leaning post.

The cashier in waterstones got really excited when he found out me and DB played dungeons and dragons and tried to get us to join his group.

Had my first bowl of proper ramen (it was really yummy). When the waiter came for the bowl and the sticks DB Said “I just want to play the drums with these sticks.” she was going to give them back as if it was commonplace.



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  1. Welcome back. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

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