dropping Your lie in April

CaptureI tried! I really, really tried to like this anime. TT-TT

I just can’t get past the emotionally/physical abusive aspect of it (it’s leaving a horrible taste in my mouth every time I watch it).

T-o she bullied him into a in contest that he didn’t want to play and then she has the goal to say it his fault she’s stressed? Y_Y he told you he can’t hear music and he told you he did not want to be on stage. Oh, you have to love the fact  she physical attacks him while trying to learn a song they never practiced together….like it would have mattered.  Even during the performance she showed that she was not trying to stray in tempo with him (she speeds up randomly), when her partner changes tone she arrogantly refuse to match up.

I can’t see her as anything more than a jerk (the show wants you to think she is in the right).

I’m sorry if you like this anime but, I just couldn’t take anymore (I’d much rather drop it then just complain about the same problems ever 6 episodes).



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  1. I don’t really get what is happening in the picture… ???

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