update: ^-o I’m better.

I talked to DB today and he managed to make sense of my mind (^-^ I love him).

*Pull out the figurative plunger and clear my head of sludge.*

XD I now know my ring size!

O_O It did raise an interesting question between me and DB, How do engagement rings work?

DB: “Do I get one?”

Icy: “traditionally it’s only the female.”

DB: “wonder why?”

Icy: “I think it represents that you own me, that’s why the father traditionally gives me away.”

DB: “I guess people did marry more for business reasons in the olden days. I don’t want to own you, I just want people to know that you are to be wed and in my head that means I should have one too.”

Icy: “why?”

DB: “^_^ It’s a symbol that I’m off the market and about to be wed to you.”

Icy: “It’s always been a tradition that has perplexed me.”

I was looking though my London photos and this one cracked me up.

post card pg


O_O It looks like a postcard for pigeons (why did I leave so much space?).


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