day 3 T-o problem

I would usually have an anime marathon on Sundays however,  today i went to see a friend have not seen in a long time (thinking i would get back in time). When I decided to go home my mother called and said that my nephew had a seizure and had to be rushed to hospital (meaning that I had to watch the dog).

when they got back I was about to go and watch some until they turn to me and say “we are going out tonight bye” O_O You could have told me that!

T_T I spent my entire afternoon and evening watching a dog.

If I had my dungeon’s masters guide I would have probably spent the night drawing maps.

*I almost have players guide and the monster manual memorized.*


2 responses

  1. Hope your nephew is okay. Doesn’t Fido like Japanese cartoons? You could have watched anime together.

    1. He is ok now (not the first time this has happened).
      i have no way of watching my anime on the tv and the family computer is very old with a bad monitor that can’t cope with widescreen anime.
      my computer has a widescreen monitor along with the old logitech stereo speakers.

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