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^_o started playing Nostale

I wasn’t in an anime mood tonight (still getting used to home).

Today I downloaded my first online game….T_T and then I remembered why I put off doing this.

I scanned all of the files while downloading making sure nothing nasty was being transferred and the…..*sigh*  T_T my computers refused to make sound (not just the speakers).

So had to take it back a day, and it still would not work!

I fiddled around with the plugs and discovered that the sound glitch had nothing to do with the game (just really bad timing).

I fixed the plug and then firewall started to act up (banging my head against the wall by this point).

All I need now is an alarm clock in order to stop me spending too long on that game.


^-o I’m back from London

I’m glad to see that everything uploaded on time with not glitches or hiccups.

I have been reading “puella magi kazumi magica” while I was in are hotel (DB had to take the book from me because was I getting too annoyed).  I don’t understand why kazumi magica had to take place in the puella magi world.

* I don’t understand your plan Jubey.*

I finally have my first proper model: small Madoka with kyubey.

I got 2 “Free!” key-chains, “Free!” poker cards, an umbreon cushion, “puella magi kazumi magica” book 2 and “Terra formars” book 1.

^_^ It was fascinating to see so many different types of people and hear so many languages float right on past me.

DB showed me his first stomping ground when he was little, before we got distracted by the wild parrots in the park.

We were saying in hotel paddington which had 2 separate beds, an old tv and kettle (I love that kettle).  You couldn’t get any privacy in the bathroom because it had a louver door with really big gaps.

I went to the theatre and watched mousetrap and then just walked around London for the most part.

It was an interesting experience that I would love to do again.

Holiday laughs  

Somebody used me as a leaning post.

The cashier in waterstones got really excited when he found out me and DB played dungeons and dragons and tried to get us to join his group.

Had my first bowl of proper ramen (it was really yummy). When the waiter came for the bowl and the sticks DB Said “I just want to play the drums with these sticks.” she was going to give them back as if it was commonplace.


Yona of the Dawn 25% impression

CaptureI have no idea how many episodes this anime has.

Random guy: “He has broken ribs.” T-o How can he know that??? O_O How did he know how they fell to the ground when he only accidently stumbled upon their bodies??

Welcome back to “The World is Still Beautiful” err…..I mean “Yona of the Dawn”. You can honestly tell that this anime was produced by almost the same people (the style and the tone feel identical). ^-o let’s dive head first into 6 episode and see If this anime has managed to distinguish itself from its sister.

Answer: T-o kind of???

I have found that this anime has had a much easier time balancing out its goofy moment’s with the serious tones that the show wishes to present to you (it’s not immaturely placed).  The only down side to this show compared to its sister has to that all of the characters are uninteresting planks of card bored that I do not care about.

Another downside to this anime is that is feels too contrived (I feel like I’m watching an historical reenactment of a fight/ betrayal that never happened). * Hypothetical betrayal the anime.*

Fire, wind, earth, water kingdom….*smirks*^_^

It’s a tender rain

are you now sick of this song

It plays all the time

Just to move the plot along

*welcome to my plot convenience song.*

Wolf Girl and Black Prince midway impression

CaptureAnyone who has seen this anime can tell you what is wrong with it within one sentence: “This girl refuses to leaves an abusive relationship because she is deluded.”

He put a collar around her neck and said: “You are my pet and nothing ells.” T_T her reaction to that: “He gave me a present yay.” I want to slap this girl.

There is no reason why she even has to be with him anymore, she has had two boy confess there love to her and she still chooses to be with this jerk because she is under the delusion that secretly he really loves her.  Let’s say he dose love her, dose that excuse the horribly ways he teaches her?

^_o I really do want to watch more (even if I am yelling at the screen due to the girls stupidity).

*This is the first romance anime where I didn’t want her to get the guy in the end.*

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace midway impression

CaptureAnother anime with an interesting concept…..however, the show fails to use it as story/plot devise.

Why give these kids magical powers? If you wanted to make jokes about slice of life with magic give them powers that can be used for mundane tasks.

*The only power they have explored using this idea is teleporting.*

With strange powers come many bazar ideas.

If you want to come with a strange concept for a show go all the way and don’t let anyone hold you back. You will be taking a big risk money wise due to the unsecured audience you will be aiming for but, if you succeed your anime will be a lot more well-known and will manage to sell dvd’s way past the end of that season.

I really can’t this anime going anywhere with this premise in the last couple of episodes.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san midway impression

Capture*TT_TT I hate writing these during the daytime (but I need something to be posted while I’m away).*

I have finally reached the halfway point of one of my favourite shows this season and it has not failed to make me fall over laughing multiple times.

Behold my mighty tanuki balls (a funny subtle joke).

I personally find situational humour to be a lot funnier than the over popularized never ending slapstick anime. I do love anime that throws random nonsense at me but,*sigh* there is only so much nonsense you throw before it just becomes the status quo (you become immune to it).

^-o I’m going to miss this anime when it ends.

World Trigger first impression


Still frames everywhere!  Y_Y I expect way better animation from Toei.

When this show want fancy it goes all out showing you sparkles and pure child like magic fly across the screen however, you quickly discover how they paid for them small segments of animation.

Do you know what animation is supposed to do? You are supposed to trick the mind into thinking that the image that I’m looking at is actually alive and moving freely. T_T I have honestly seen animated manga’s (which is a thing) that have more life then the people that populate this planet.

*You would think toei would have lot of money seeing as they have been whoring out the sailor moon licence to every tom, dick and harry.*

What is this show about? T-o monsters appear and there is a boy from a different world…..that’s all I know.  For an episode that is supposed to establish the situation it sure loves to waste your sweet time by doing nothing a good 20 minutes (even shorter if we deducted all of the pointless no speaking still frames).

I expected a lot more from this anime.

Important update

Form Saturday 15th to 20th November I will not be able to read/respond to any comments due to being on holiday (^-^ My first holiday not in wales).

There will still be anime post being uploaded thanks to the timer system (used it last time I was away).

^-o hope everything loads smoothly while I’m away.

*Need to write more  if I want a new post to upload daily*

Love Stage!! first impression

CaptureFan-service for the female anime fan (I don’t understand why people pretend this doesn’t exist). 

^-o let me check off the list:

Cross-dressing *check*

Puffy hair *check*

Boy love *check*

sexy demon T_T *no*

 * You would be surprised how many romance manga’s amid at females include demons*

There is not much to say about this first episode.

  • Guy wants to be a manga artist but he can’t draw.
  • Parents want him to act but he doesn’t want to.
  • He was forced to cross dress for an advert when he was little and has to relay the part for the 10 year anniversary of the original avert.

It’s a very cookie cutter episode.

Momo Kyun Sword ending (reaction)

Capture^-o Episode 1: set up

Episodes 2-8: pointless filler that has nothing to do with the premise of the show.

Episodes 9-12: fighting and yelling.

The last 3 episodes where easier to watch then episodes 2-8 but……U-U you can’t have a long run of insane episodes and then expect your audience to take you seriously in the last 3.

I could help but giggle when the 2 sisters had a montage that consisted of two scenes (found a lost item and they eat rice together), ^_^ can’t you feel the strong bond they have.

XD I love how the introduction of the core makes episodes 2-8 even more pointless then they originally were (there is no reason to watch them).

*watch them if you are a fan of random nonsense.*

This might not have been a good show but, it was a fun entertaining show (anime junk food).