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My top best/worst anime 2014

Hello guys! Sorry there was no post yesterday (life complications).

^_o seeing as we are about to enter the new year I thought this would be the perfect time to tell the people who don’t look at my score page what my top/worst anime of 2014 where.


  • As long as an anime ends in 2014 it can make the list.
  • No season 2 or beyond
  • I must be able to legally stream it in my region (^-o I’m uk friendly).

Additional: My final official list will most likely will be finished much latter into 2015 (I’m determined to finish noragami).   

1. Nagi no asukara 


This anime is about a bunch of sea children that come onto land because there school has been shut down. While on land they are preparing a sea doll that will be used in a ceremony that appeases the sea god and lets the humans and sea people live a harmonies life…. That would be the case if the two people liked each other.

This show was beautiful! You did get the annoying character in this show and you did over dramatic moments that really wouldn’t make sense in the context of the moment (just because a couple is having a moment of drama in one scene doesn’t automatically mean it will transition into the next).

Imagine you were making toast and someone randomly walks in talking like a dramatic Shakespearean actor (you would not keep a straight face).

*XD it’s my favorite staple of drama anime.*

This is the only anime that I have watched that made me want to see more (didn’t want it to end).

2. Log horizon 


A bunch of gamers get stuck in a fully immersive online game and have to come up with a democracy in order to create laws that will help bring order thought-out the land.

Was I the only person going in this that expected something more of the lines of Maoyu than SAO?  Maoyu was a wordy and oddly more obsessed with politics then the actual story of the show.

Compared to the onslaught of death game anime that have been coming out this was a breath of fresh air (you can’t die).  If you’re not a fan of wordy anime don’t watch this.

3.Hozuki no reitetsu 


This a comedy about Japanese hell….what ells do you need to know???

I really don’t like talking about comedy anime! Your entire enjoyment of this show rest of the fact if your enjoy dead pan humour.

^_^ For the most part the jokes are spot on and that’s all I ever wish for with a comedy anime.

I’m sorry this is sort but…..comedy ether makes you laugh or cringe.

4.Wake up,girls!  


You have a group of idol girls from a small company trying to make it big…..oh, any company that is big and makes money is evil.

I don’t like this anime! BUT….….I can’t say that this was poorly produce or paced. This anime was of a good quality, you could tell how much work and love went into writing the story , developing each character to have a realistic (for the most part) personalities and giving each girl a moment to shine.

I will always remember that last episode speech: “The victims of 911 would have felt a lot less sad if they had idol girls.”  XD  It comes out of nowhere and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

5.Golden time

6.The world is still beautiful

7.No game no life


9.Witch craft works

10.If her flag brakes

11.Magimoji rurumo

12.Black bullet

13.Nobunaga that fool

14.The fruit of grisaia


16.Chaika-the coffin princess

17.Wizard Barristers

18.The pilot’s love song


20.Is this order a rabbit?

21.Brynhildr in the darkness

22.Aldnoah zero



25.Momo kyun sword

26. soni-ani: super sonico the animation

27. Blade and soul

28. Bladedance of elementalers

29. magical warfare


O_O THIS SHOW!  anyone who tries to tell me the animation in this show is good is begging for a punch in the nose! animation is more then frame rate and pretty imagery.

Look at this image and say the animators cared about the quality of this production?



You might be asking: what is this show about? I honestly couldn’t tell you.

There is a magical school and some kids have to be sent there because……the plot says so.

Are there bad guys? Answer: Kind of?

Are there good guys? Answer: Kind of?

You learn to dislike everyone in this show so there is no real reason to pick a side.

The plot and the story are all over the place with every little sense or coherency trying it bind it all together.

This is a paragraph from my anime log. The show had been using telaporting throughout its entire run and suddenly they randomly bring up this crystal (that no one had been using) to send you to specific places.

“It will teleport you to predetermined destination”……opposed to other forms of teleporting that just dump you in a random field???  *I could summon a gate sir, but we do run the risk of being attacked by cows.*

Thank you magical warfare  for putting that image in my head.

If you’re going to watch magical warfare I recommend you “watch it”.  There are just as many visual problem as there are verbal.

*I need to get my friend to watch this fully before I can properly review it (there is a good reason why i don’t do big reviews).*

30. z/x Ignition


Each time I look at this image it makes me think he is inside the stomach of a hentai monster.

what’s the plot to z/x Ignition? I DON’T KNOW!

Some people have smart phones that trap monsters the end….oh, there is also a harem randomly thorough in there.

Nothing is explained! You spend the entire show just looking at the screen begging for answers that never come.

31. La corda d’oro -blue sky- 


What is this show about: A music school….that’s it!

There is a music contest that some people entire and the students seem to like it. *tumble weed*

T_T Do you want to know why this anime truly fails.  It’s not the still frames and lazy arm movements to the music, it’s not even the extremely bland female lead that could be erased from that story with no repercussion.

This anime that was aimed and created to arouse ladies fantasies heavily lacks sexy men. You have the friend who spends his time complaining, that rose guy and the child hood enemy whose parents died in a car accident (there are some hot males there just for eye candy, but they never do anything with are female lead).

There is no reason to ever watch this anime.

T-o these charterers are so bland (some charterers don’t even have bio’s).



DENKI-GAI ending (reaction)

I don’t like politics in my anime.

There are two ways to watch this anime:

  1. Goofy comedy about a manga shop.
  2. Someone trying to express the political views on the distribution of manga porn.

T_T If you want to start a discussion about manga porn being available to all age do that however, a comedy anime is not the place to do it! Treat the topic with the respect it deserves.
*Molestation jokes are not funny.*

The comedy felt hit and miss (it rarely got anything more than a giggle out of me). I think the main problem I had with the comedy in this show was that they concentrated way too much on the romance (did anyone care about that) and the forced situational humour that mostly had me cringing at how out of place the moment was.

Comedy is very subjective and there is no way of telling if you will feel even close to the way I reacted. ^_o You might like it for comedy but, I like it because it’s a great confiscation starter.


The Fruit of Grisaia ending (reaction)

CaptureI have grown to love are male leads expressionless face (I can only recall one moment when he actual showed human emotion).

I know that there are a lot of anime fans who like to say the visual context doesn’t matter and if you do acknowledge it you are a just nit-picking hater.

Here is the definition of nit-picking: to be excessively concerned with or critical of “inconsequential details”.


I’m going to give you 2 examples, one that is Inconsequential to the plot and one that is a blatant plot haul:

Inconsequential: How the heck did Amane manage to find her way home? She would have a hard time walking along a long road (She is severally lacking in protein).

Blatant plot haul: The girls got diarrhea from the bad water and bugs…why? You clearly showed us that there was edible plat life (guess you could argue they wanted protein) and why the heck are they drinking puddle water when there is a crystal clear stream not too far from there camp?

If you look back at the river scene you can clearly see they have bottles to carry the water back.



T-o  This show like to be so overly dramatic that is toughs all logic out of the window.

Do you want to know what make this entire story worse? Amane found her way out the “forest” without  a compass.  Do want to know something cool about the human brain? we instinctively walk around in circles (this is why you get a lot of these lost in the forest stories).

This ether tells us that Amane instinctively know which way is north or that road was in ear shot of their camp. why did no think to follow the river back to civilization!?

This show finds so many ways to stab itself in the foot with every dramatic story it tells (these stories can become hilarious if you are paying attention). T-o I never understood why they set up the school as the cool high-tech prison with high walls and many cameras if they were just going to allow there unstable inmates to walk outside the premises anytime they wanted to.

Watch this if you like drama and nothing else.

Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club! midway impression

CaptureDo you Like our calender? Just wish it told us the year and month.

Unfortunately for this anime it hasn’t been able to constantly make me laugh though out a majority of its episode.  I think the reason for this slump is because the gimmick has short of run its course and no longer has anything to offer me outside of showing questionable fantasies.

It’s really hard to write this post due to lack of things I’m able to talk about with this anime.

*This is why I try to avoided midway comedy impressions.*

I’m still getting the odd chuckle but, I’m not getting the big laughs that I expect from a comedy based anime.

There is a difference between playful fantasy and psychopathic nutjobs (The police have been involved and It has been implied that people have died because of their psychosis).

*May we have a moment of silence for them helicopter pilots.*

Merry Christmas everyone!

NO post 26th December 2014 *I’m out all day and I don’t wish to fill my blog full of filler posts.*

^_O Hope you are all having a great day!

I’m stuffed full of food (having more boxing day) and now i’m very sleepy.

my gifts seem to have all hit there marks and in order to remember what others have gifted me with I keep a list each year (lazy post day).



alcohol ^_^

key chain

2 broaches (one form my grandmothers personal collection)

duck with a …O_O I’m not saying that.


2 QI books

Tea Set ^-o

dragon box

mushroom eraser and sharpener

brothers grim

casio scientific calculator




and finally thick polyester cloak

DB:“I got your two favorite things, dragons and mushrooms.”

^_^ I was not expecting this cool box (mushrooms were inside the box).



^-o My family didn’t understand why I couldn’t stop lather when presented with this key chain.

anpanman  XD I now own a ripoff Anpanman.


Bladedance of Elementalers ending (reaction)

CaptureWhat did any of that have to do with being the demon lord?

I will always know this anime as the one that killed to walking into the bedroom while someone is in an uncomfortable predicament show.  How many times could you use the same joke? I was amazed that they weren’t satirising it after 20th time.

Anime logic: It’s ok to turn your enemies into a puddle of blood if you’re the good guys.

O_O That demon might have mischievous and a bit of a trouble maker however, it didn’t deserve vaporization to death (she could have sealed it away).

*It’s really dark and out of place….like a lot of things in this show.*

The last fight was really poor animated with very little action on screen. This is made worse when combined with only one person fighting at the end even though most of the girls where perfectly of able body to help.  T-o I understand that you want to make the main male lead look cool however, you shouldn’t make your female leads look like they are eagerly waiting for a bus.

Do you know what the worst thing about this show is? It heavily states that there is going to be a second season (never do that if it’s not already in production).

Captain Earth midway impression

CaptureThis week on Captain Earth!

I have finally reached the halfway mark and this anime managed to find a way of making its plot a lot slower and repetitive. T_o no joke, this anime seems to have turned into a monster of the week show with very little lead up to the conflict at hand.

The worst problem with this anime is that are villains are a lot more interesting than our good guys (normal problem). We have been told loads of information about how the designer children have been mistreated and manipulated, even the “good guy” treated there designer children with very little humanity before our main character showed up.

Let’s look at the designer children from a moral stand point: alien robots minds are put into humans and made to think they are human.

Anime logic: It’s perfectly fine to manipulate someone’s memories if you’re the good guys.

I’m sick of Teppei Arashi’s complaining! They could have had him debate his allegiance with the team but no! He complains that he doesn’t play a big enough part in this group boohoo, your 17 years old act like it.

* If they are all meant to be 17 why do they all look 12 (is it just so they could make the Minor joke).*

Hope this anime can find its bearings in the second half.

update 22/12/2014

T-o Not had much luck making anime posts this week.

*gives me a chance to organize my shows.*

A couple of months ago I crated my anime watching list (that i need to update). This has really helped me organize all of my shows into a watchable order.

*O_O The amount of shows I dropped from poor organization was maddening.*

My new problem is choosing an anime from one of my 4 list….4 LISTS! season, first, midway and ending.

Capture ^-o  I will come up with a system that works (I’m sick of my 6 month delay).

Y_Y If this year has taught me anything it has to be that organization is king when your a daily anime blogger.

Saturday is can be very random (could be from any of the 4 list).  

TERRAFORMARS ending (reaction)

CaptureT_o ….. What did I just watch?

Far as I can tell this anime has no story, no plot and a really weak premise. Here is the gist of the show: planet earth is full and they want to live on mars. They find the planet is populated by sentient humanoid cockroaches and proceed to kill them all so the humans can steal their home land.

Is it wrong to say I’m pro-cockroach?

*Had the same problem with the manga.*

For an anime that tries too look very mature it really isn’t. T_T Do we really need a narrator butting in every 5 seconds in order to explain what’s happening?  All of the characters backstories are forced down you thought not giving you a chance figure it out for yourself.

Oh yeh, backstories are meant to add to your characters not define who they are! I don’t know any of these people (you meet them and then they die).

My final problem with this anime is that it uses child logic! When your little you are told there are two ways of being: good and bad.  In most shows aimed at young teens (shonen,shojo and kodomo) you can distinctively tell who you should see as the good guys and who you should see as the bad guys (the lines rarely blur).

when you get older you learn that your morality/ethics don’t always match up with other people’s views, them once distinct lines between good and bad become blurred with no true answer set in stone (What one person will see as good another will see as bad and what I see as bad they might see as good).

This anime never convinces me that what they are doing is ethically right.  I could easily make the argument that the humans are the true bad guys with how poorly the humans are portrayed throughout this entire anime. T-o forced experiments, sending people to their deaths and just strait down the worst aspects of human nature (why do I want them to win?).

*You can’t just tell me they are the good guys and then expect me too just go along with it.*  

 “Why are these cockroach attacking us?” Y_Y You invaded there home planet! We would be the exactly same if the rolls were reversed.

back ^-o

My experiment worked (just have to premake a post for Fridays)

Finally picked up “The rise of tiamat” and…..errrrrg, there is so much talking! ^_^ I have decided that i’m going to stay away from the forgotten realms until I can level up my public speaking skills.

*I also personally find that reading strait from a book can be very boring.*

I already had “Hoard of the dragon queen” so i might as well get the second book.



one of the cashiers ask me the same annoying question as a random boy asked me when I bought master guide.

  Guy: “what do you think of it?” T-o I think he was referring to the game in general however, he was pointing at the book I was holding.

Lea: “Have not read it yet.”

The lady behind the desk was quick with the uptake and change the conversation to the monster manual (I was not trying to be rude).



As an early Christmas present my friend brought me a set of dice I really liked (I really do hope my first campaign is not a complete flop now).