SHIROBAKO 25% impression

CaptureI finally hit the midway point with all this seasons shows (at least with the ones I can watch).

I have something to get off my chest: *couth,couth*ITS CAD NOT CGI!

The main spectacle is that the entire animation was created using computer aided design, T-o dose it really matter that the computer is generating the imagery NO! When you’re watching a movie and you see a computer generated tank do you think about the fact it was made using computers NO! You are more focused on the fact it’s being generated before your eyes.

*That has been eating away at me.*

O_O why does this studio have a small cage in the basement? That one moment with the cage had me asking many ethical questions (everything ells is played straight).

I don’t understand why they hired this guy who got ridiculed for writing a boob fest show to write a magical girl drama? Maybe they just wanted more publicity for the show.

All of the episodes unfortunately blend together into one big mush thanks to the lack of distinctive moment’s in each episode (each episode felt the same). This is a common problem in many anime good or bad: “I love this anime, just don’t make me pick out an episode.”


3 responses

  1. Watch No Game No Life, its really nice. You can find it on
    However it kinda stops in the middle otherwise its a really good anime, the plot’s good to me and the characters were very well developed (to me, at least) hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

    1. ^-o seen it.
      It reminded me allot of “Sunday Without God” (it sets up a plot that inevitably goes nowhere).

      Both of them are still good shows.

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