Durarara 75% impression

CaptureThis anime can finally get moved over to the ending list!

I have finally entered the second half of this anime…..and I can sort of understand why people don’t like it. This anime suffers with 24 episode syndrome: when an anime with force two arks together in order to make a long first season (you can never be sure if the series will take off).

*Two seasons for the price of one*

The first half of this anime presented each of its episodes as if they were long urban poems being told though animation however, the second half just wants to tell me the dark past of are main character in a fairly straightforward manner.

What happened?  I think the problem comes down to the young characters not being that distinctive when measured up against the older expressive characters from the first half.

The show still holds a high quality and I would still recommend people to go watch it.


2 responses

  1. I also agree with your post but also can’t wait to see what season 2 has in store.

  2. The thing about the second half that annoyed me was that Shizuo’s brother was in the intro but only showed up for the last episode. I still love the show though and can’t wait to watch the new season that starts up soon.

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