Watched a lot of anime today (mostly catch up)

I will get back to my normal anime post tomorrow (watched 6 different anime today).

A sad but funny moment:  reads the back of the dungeon masters guide (mostly saying study western Europe)

my reaction: “That history class on castle construction will finally pay off.” O_O I always feared the history teacher saying “we are now going to study beyond the battle of Hastings.” NOOOOO!

T_o The problem with studying medieval great Britain is that there is a lot of information we don’t know (you just need to know we were invaded a lot).

The only king that I know before 1066 was “king canute” and I only remember him because his story is funny. *

^-o my reflex skills are still fast (playing puzzle games) and I finally have a detailed drawing on the go (getting my butt into gear).


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