Tsuritama first impression

CaptureIt’s fishing, WITH ANIME!

I have wanted to watch this anime for a long time, the reason why I have been putting off was because I didn’t know the shows Name and I didn’t know it was streamable on cruchyroll.
*I knew about the opening song and goofy dance.*

Story: There was a 5 head dragon that made a lot of smoke and a shiny woman cleared it away, the dragon was aroused that day.

So far we have been introduced to 3 peculiar lads who know nothing about each other. one of the boys is a good fisher, another has the power of the sea (I presume) and one keeps imagining he is downing in an ocean of water every time he feels scared.

^-o I love how compliant everyone is this world is:

Alien: “I’m an alien.”  students: “That interesting.”

Alien: “I’m going to live in this house.” woman: “ok then.”

Alien: “You’re going to fish with me.” boys: “ok, but we don’t have to enjoy it.”

It will be fun to watch these characters bounce off each other.


2 responses

  1. I completely forgot about this anime until you mentioned it! It’s weird, because I liked it but never finished it. I’m going to have to fix that now.

  2. Yeah, it’s a hard to spell/remember show. I recently watched it and really liked it. Nice cast of characters (including the duck.)

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