^_o 3 days with a bad stomach

Both the 9th and 10th I was stuck in the bathroom.

T_o I knew something was wrong when i could taste the strong flavor of sulphur in my mouth (distinctive smell).

Today my body felt so drained that I spent the entire day in bed (^_^ I can sleep like a rock).

Have not eaten properly in the last 3 days.

hope i’m a lot better for my DB on Friday (could not see him Wednesday).


3 responses

  1. Could be that you’re suffering from food poisoning??. Or you have a really delicate stomach that only handles certain type of foods?. Either way get better Icy : D.

  2. As someone who hates going to the doctor, the only thing I can say is try to drink lots of fluids especially ginger honey tea or ginger honey water. The ginger and honey helps sooth the stomach and makes you feel better.

    Hope it doesn’t last too long and you’re back to your normal self soon.

    1. I forgot about ginger!

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