GLASSLIP midway impression

CaptureFun game: spot the romance! *This anime might as well be called lust and possession.*

If anyone started to treat you as if you were there possession would you get the heck out of there? O_O If my sweet thought he had the right to steel my phone from me and command me not to go after my friends I would not stay with him (I don’t care if we shared sparkly eyes).

For an anime that’s meant to be a romance there isn’t much chemistry between these characters…..scratch that, there is no chemistry!  All we know is that these people have known each other for a very long time and have finally been given permission to date from there friend club (Was the reason they had a no dating rule because the members found each other arousing?).

The romance feels very forced and the Slice of Life aspect seems to be an excuse for stretching the run time.

I’m halfway into this show and I still don’t understand why there are Supernatural magic sparkles in the glass makers eyes (Why does this power exist? Where did this power come from?).


One response

  1. So much promise, and it never did pan out. If you decide not to finish the series, it doesn’t get any better. you aren’t missing much.

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