ARGEVOLLEN first impression

CaptureThis first episode highlighted everything I don’t like about mecha anime.

First of all: “who are you people!?”

I understand that the robot is the most important thing these show but…..could it be slightly possible for you to introduce me to the pilot/crew before trying to amaze me with robot fighting action (Who are these people and why should I care?).

Like every other show of this genre someone gets a strong mecha and dominates everyone ells the end (I can’t think of any genre more copy and paste as mecha).

We get introduced to…..scratch that, the camera seems to be following an angsty boy who doesn’t follow his commander because he thinks he knows better (disobedient fool).

A hacker girl breaks a code realising a huge mecha that the angsty pilot has to operate. I have one question: who was driving around a huge mecha in the back of their truck? I’m glad our characters found it but…..why?  Why would it ever have to leave the lab? It would be a lot more easier/safe to pilot the robot to its new location. They could have even sent the robot in parts meaning that if one part bit get taken they could just replace it.

*fighting mecha robots need a lot of maintenance.*

I just could’t get into this one.


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