Locadol ending (reaction)

Capture“What will we do after school?” I thought you get paid for being an idol??? “I get 1000 yen an hour”  thank you show!

firstlyWhy dose episode 13 exists (it’s a filler episode).

This anime doesn’t break any new boundaries into the idol genre, nor does it really have much personality to push it away from most slice of life shows (it’s stuck in limbo).

Am I the only person who finds it amazing that these two girls who clearly weren’t talented singers (sounds like karaoke most episodes) suddenly sing like professionals at this big local idol contest.

*Would you really be able to fill a stadium full of people for something as small as a local idol contest???*  

The mascot was adorable however,  I have to deduct point from this anime for the pedophile (running) joke which was just out of place. Who thought it was a funny to have a grown female take photos of these 12 year old girls in skimpy bikinis (the show makes it perfectly clear that these photos are for perverted use).

Without the creepy undertones this is just your normal idol anime just set in a random town.


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