Love Live! School Idol Project 2 ending (reaction)


^_^ Then the school was shutdown (no series continuity).

I want you to listen at Honaka’s speech and say she is no trying to boost her own ego. ^_^ loads of clubs and friends parting ways and all you can talk about is how awesome your club was and how they will all miss you(you’re a horrible person Honaka).

There are too many continuity problems when comparing this to the first season so I will just point out the biggest one in my books:

  1. Honaka: “There are fewer students then last year.” T-o last season’s love live was about creating an idol group in order to get more applicants for the school. If they failed (like Honaka stated) the school would have been shut down.

This entire season seems to have forgotten that this entire school is dependent on this idol group attracting attention to new applicants wanting to move onto higher education. That’s why when Honaka said that her idol group shouldn’t exist without her friends it really annoyed me (your forgetting the point of this club).

This season has no reason to be called season two and was clearly just produced to make money (it’s as if this season was written by a completely different person).


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