back ^-o

My experiment worked (just have to premake a post for Fridays)

Finally picked up “The rise of tiamat” and…..errrrrg, there is so much talking! ^_^ I have decided that i’m going to stay away from the forgotten realms until I can level up my public speaking skills.

*I also personally find that reading strait from a book can be very boring.*

I already had “Hoard of the dragon queen” so i might as well get the second book.



one of the cashiers ask me the same annoying question as a random boy asked me when I bought master guide.

  Guy: “what do you think of it?” T-o I think he was referring to the game in general however, he was pointing at the book I was holding.

Lea: “Have not read it yet.”

The lady behind the desk was quick with the uptake and change the conversation to the monster manual (I was not trying to be rude).



As an early Christmas present my friend brought me a set of dice I really liked (I really do hope my first campaign is not a complete flop now).


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