Captain Earth midway impression

CaptureThis week on Captain Earth!

I have finally reached the halfway mark and this anime managed to find a way of making its plot a lot slower and repetitive. T_o no joke, this anime seems to have turned into a monster of the week show with very little lead up to the conflict at hand.

The worst problem with this anime is that are villains are a lot more interesting than our good guys (normal problem). We have been told loads of information about how the designer children have been mistreated and manipulated, even the “good guy” treated there designer children with very little humanity before our main character showed up.

Let’s look at the designer children from a moral stand point: alien robots minds are put into humans and made to think they are human.

Anime logic: It’s perfectly fine to manipulate someone’s memories if you’re the good guys.

I’m sick of Teppei Arashi’s complaining! They could have had him debate his allegiance with the team but no! He complains that he doesn’t play a big enough part in this group boohoo, your 17 years old act like it.

* If they are all meant to be 17 why do they all look 12 (is it just so they could make the Minor joke).*

Hope this anime can find its bearings in the second half.


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