Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club! midway impression

CaptureDo you Like our calender? Just wish it told us the year and month.

Unfortunately for this anime it hasn’t been able to constantly make me laugh though out a majority of its episode.  I think the reason for this slump is because the gimmick has short of run its course and no longer has anything to offer me outside of showing questionable fantasies.

It’s really hard to write this post due to lack of things I’m able to talk about with this anime.

*This is why I try to avoided midway comedy impressions.*

I’m still getting the odd chuckle but, I’m not getting the big laughs that I expect from a comedy based anime.

There is a difference between playful fantasy and psychopathic nutjobs (The police have been involved and It has been implied that people have died because of their psychosis).

*May we have a moment of silence for them helicopter pilots.*


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