The Fruit of Grisaia ending (reaction)

CaptureI have grown to love are male leads expressionless face (I can only recall one moment when he actual showed human emotion).

I know that there are a lot of anime fans who like to say the visual context doesn’t matter and if you do acknowledge it you are a just nit-picking hater.

Here is the definition of nit-picking: to be excessively concerned with or critical of “inconsequential details”.


I’m going to give you 2 examples, one that is Inconsequential to the plot and one that is a blatant plot haul:

Inconsequential: How the heck did Amane manage to find her way home? She would have a hard time walking along a long road (She is severally lacking in protein).

Blatant plot haul: The girls got diarrhea from the bad water and bugs…why? You clearly showed us that there was edible plat life (guess you could argue they wanted protein) and why the heck are they drinking puddle water when there is a crystal clear stream not too far from there camp?

If you look back at the river scene you can clearly see they have bottles to carry the water back.



T-o  This show like to be so overly dramatic that is toughs all logic out of the window.

Do you want to know what make this entire story worse? Amane found her way out the “forest” without  a compass.  Do want to know something cool about the human brain? we instinctively walk around in circles (this is why you get a lot of these lost in the forest stories).

This ether tells us that Amane instinctively know which way is north or that road was in ear shot of their camp. why did no think to follow the river back to civilization!?

This show finds so many ways to stab itself in the foot with every dramatic story it tells (these stories can become hilarious if you are paying attention). T-o I never understood why they set up the school as the cool high-tech prison with high walls and many cameras if they were just going to allow there unstable inmates to walk outside the premises anytime they wanted to.

Watch this if you like drama and nothing else.


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