DENKI-GAI ending (reaction)

I don’t like politics in my anime.

There are two ways to watch this anime:

  1. Goofy comedy about a manga shop.
  2. Someone trying to express the political views on the distribution of manga porn.

T_T If you want to start a discussion about manga porn being available to all age do that however, a comedy anime is not the place to do it! Treat the topic with the respect it deserves.
*Molestation jokes are not funny.*

The comedy felt hit and miss (it rarely got anything more than a giggle out of me). I think the main problem I had with the comedy in this show was that they concentrated way too much on the romance (did anyone care about that) and the forced situational humour that mostly had me cringing at how out of place the moment was.

Comedy is very subjective and there is no way of telling if you will feel even close to the way I reacted. ^_o You might like it for comedy but, I like it because it’s a great confiscation starter.


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