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trying to psych myself up

The time has finally come for me to run a dungeons and dragons game without a book guiding me.

O_O  I’m scared!

my mind has been so obsessed with tomorrow that i have’t been able to concentrate on any kind/form of anime.

^_^ There was one thing that did brake my focus.

Me and DB made a  small deal a while back.

The deal was that I would review all the puella magica manga’s along as he reviewed all of the tokyo mew mew manga’s for me.

Since I set this bet a lot more  puella magica manags have been made and now our bet is a little unbalanced.  ^_o I went onto yen press’s website and found a puella magica manga that made me laugh on the concept alone.



PUELLA MAGI HOMURA TAMURA (manga) by Magica Quartet

The life of a magical girl isn’t all fighting witches and collecting grief seeds. When they aren’t kicking butt, Homura Akemi and her friends face the same trials as normal high school girls! In this four-panel comedy, glimpse a sillier side of the girls from the bestselling Puella Magi Madoka Magica series!

^-o who looked at the puella magi story and thought that would make a good comedy.

Celestial Method ending (reaction)

CaptureSunflowers: How can something be born so fast yet die so quickly.

I really don’t know what to make of this anime?

In one way I really admired the hard work that went into making each moment have an emotional impact without the use of words….however, in another way I found the conflicts each of the friends went through to be every nonsensical at times.

“Why did you leave the night of the meteor shower?”  T-o you say that as if she had a choice?

“Why did you return?” T-o Again you say that as if she had a choice?

*6-8 years old when she moved away and about 12-14 years old when she returned with her dad.*

I could understand if her friend was angry because she didn’t tell her she was moving however, the show always words it as “you chose to move away without telling me.” Which makes are characters seem very childish and petty.

“I hate you because you summoned a ufo.” You all summoned the ufo together!

There are so many contrived plot points that I found myself yelling at the screen some episodes.

Trinity Seven ending (reaction)


TT-TT I have watched all 12 episodes and I still don’t understand plot.

Can I remember any of the episodes? Answer: nope!

Can I remember any of the characters? Answer: nope!

T-o This was my reaction every time I had to watch this anime:  *looks at anime list* “trinity seven……doesn’t ring a bell.”   XD Even when I was watching it weekly (first 3 episodes) I kept forgetting what kind of show trinity seven was.

The only thing I will ever remember this anime for is its strange gun to the head fetish (who fantasies about being shot in the head?).

Samurai Warriors rant

This is not a rant against “Samurai Warriors” specifically however, it is a rant about terminology and this anime’s poor understanding of what counts as a part 2 or a season 2.

I turned on the first episode expecting to be treated to an introduction episode and was instead treated to something more akin to a mid-season episode. I was reasonably confused and had to go onto mal in order to find out what was going on.

Mal: there is a prequel.

T-o I don’t think the writers understand what a prequel is.

Definition: a story or film containing events which precede those of an existing work.

  1. You don’t have to watch a Prequel in order to understand the story after it. g. you don’t have to hobbit in order to understand lord of the rings/ you don’t have to watch the first 3 star wars films in order to understand the last 3.
  2. In this context the first 12 episode of a 24 episode series a prequel.

Y_Y It’s not a prequel when it’s integral to understanding the main story!

update 27/1/2015

Been to the dentist (my wallet cries).

*About £20 for the dentist to look in your mouth and about £30 for him to do something about it.* 

^-o Don’t need to worry about that until July now.

I only have one more anime to make a first impression on this season meaning that I will be getting back into finishing last season soon as possible.

Been getting bad headaches tonight along with slight wooziness (just want to sleep).

ISUCA first impression


I’m running out of shows to watch this season.

Did no one think this opening song was a little bit too upbeat when placed next to the opening scene?

Guts pouring as a beast attempts to kills a random guy and fails due to an arrow being jammed into its head (censor bars covering to gruesome parts). *enter the theme* ^_^ forget about the graphic imagery and bounce around to this fun pop song.

what’s with this overly cheer background music!

X_X I had to take my headphones off 10 minutes in due to the sounds they use to describe the pain that is being inflicted.

XD 17 minutes in: what the heck am I watching? I understand the beast is taking her life force but….dose the anime have to display it in such a sexual way?? We get presented with a lot of sentient steam and screams that sound more orgasmic then painful.

She put his jacket and didn’t button it???

I don’t really know what to make of this. When compared to other shows this season it ranks as watchable however, that is if you don’t mind shoe horned fan service and excessive physical abuse (the sounds they choose to depict the pain is a little unnerving).

Drop /postponed Saekano -How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend-


*watched episode 0*

XD Ironic seeing as what they were talking about during the beginning of this anime.

I might return to this when the show has finished and I can read more reviews however, for the moment I’m going to stop because there was one scene that made me feel very uncomfortable.

In over the top comedy harem we are shown by are main males expression that they are sexually aroused by the woman presented and they like to be assaulted and have guns pointed at their head (I don’t understand why a gun to the head is erotic?)

It’s established at the bath scene that are mane male was more annoyed that he couldn’t talk anime with the girls then the fact he couldn’t see them naked. One of the girls takes him into the wood with the intention of helping him write a better erotic script for a game he is making and then….the show put me through a loop.

She starts of by squeezing his bottom and proceeds to work her way up while pretending she is helping him with his story problem, this is followed up by her slowly moving her  leg up to his crotch.

Then another girl takes him and places his head in her boobs and pins him to the floor.

The 3 girl bound his hands and …..O_O think I will let the image speak for itself.

Capture 1

I just watched 3 girls sexually assault this boy and the anime moves along as if nothing happened??? let’s do a little gender swap: 3 high school boys bound a girls arm and then proceeded to play with her privates against her will, After this traumatic experience she walks away as if nothing happened.

It’s got that same disturbing humor that turned me off “your lie in April” (both show do share a lot of the same producers).

beanie update: Slick

The new 2015 beanie boo are starting to show up.

slick 2 slick

^-o Thanks to my dentist appointment and January being a pain I was only able to get one of the new beanie boos at the moment. 

He is very cute, soft and well constructed.

extra: got to see the new design for the 2015 my little pony beanie today and……Its not good….I think these new designs have the  potential to make some creepy looking beanies.

If you have’t been collecting or keeping an eye on the current ty mlp beanie you might not be aware of the amount of errors that have been appearing. These problems can range from heads not sewn on correctly, small/bent horns, wings are not parallel, overly huge smiles and finally derping (eyes not parallel).

^-o *Most of these problems are found on rainbow dash and twilight sparkle.*

In the shop: I picked up the new small twilight sparkle beanie and spot that its wing had been sewn on to it bottom (I’m a little scared to see how they handle the new medium beanies).

Dropping Unlimited Fafnir


Y-Y drop! drop! drop! drop!


  1. It’s poorly animated
  2. Characters designs are not consistent
  3. “it’s magic, don’t question it” you have to set restriction.

If these girls were as strong as this show claims “we are going to beat this monster next class.”  Why are there dragons still around!

  1. Transition is clunky.
  2. T-o why is there a male dragon on the island if the school knows that if he finds a mate a new monster would be created?
  3. Why do they talk so laid back about killing these monsters if there students keep failing tests.

 ^-o my biggest red flag was our main males leads sister who looks to be 10-12 years old (I refuse to see someone that young be sexualised).

Really shortening my list this year.

I’m finally back (January has been mean to me health-wise)

^_o I’m back! *turn on an anime* O_O what the heck am I looking at!



T-o Unlimited Fafnir  *More likely to be connect to her shoulder then her neck.*

I’m happy to be back and I should be able to get the blog back on schedule tomorrow.