T-o good sign for 2015

1. The uk crunchyroll page will not load up for me.


Looks like crunchy has deleted the site and now automatically re-roots you to .com when you write .co.uk (no reason to have the two anymore).

2. Y_Y why is crunchyroll.com in french!


I fixed the problem.

3 responses

  1. I know they had a DDos (direct denial of service) attack and just got back the site up again a few hours ago Icy. If you’re using fire fox. You might want to try using another browser. I know they’re having some issues with certain sites. It’s a long story there.

    1. I’m on chrome.
      crunchy usa is up but, crunchy uk is still down (put http://www.crunchyroll.co.uk/ in and the site will not show up).
      crunchyroll seems to be a little glitchy at the moment (avatar will not show up).

      ^_^ I just have a bad intranet connection.

      1. Ah, okay. They might still be working on the site. Getting the final chinks out of the system. After the DDoS attack. Which took the site down for a while.

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