Haikyu!! midway impression

CaptureDo you ever get the feeling that someone is following you?

You did! It took 12 episodes but you did it! You made me care about characters in a sports anime wooooooh!

The show has finally started to actual raise the stakes and  is allowing these players to interact more naturally during a real game (You can feel the passion all of these players have as they dodge, block and hit that ball). There were points during the game where I was cheering them on (they might lose but at least they tried).

You can’t expect a 25 episode show to get you deep into the action from the start……however, I’m a little worried about what they are going to set up in the second half, this anime doesn’t really have a story outside of “short boy wants to play volleyball”.

*We need a conflict ASAP!*

I’m guess there will be some kind of contest coming soon, just wish the show would foreshadow it already (guess it kind of did in episode 12).


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