Wolf Girl and Black Prince ending (reaction)

CaptureAre men not allowed to dress up for Japanese festivals?   

This anime really can’t tell the difference between love, lust and friendship (a common problem with shojo).

*This is why I don’t read teen manga.*

I don’t think either of them actually love each other and here is why: Erica is clearly only attracted to him because he makes her horny (lust) and Sata only wishes to keep her because he likes to make sure she is safe.

Sata clearly only loves Erica as a friend and nothing else! Even if we were to ignore the horrible ways Sata treats Erica we wouldn’t be able to find any indication of romance outside of they kissed.

*You can care about someone and not have romantic feelings towards them.*

The last couple of episodes felt really rushed (Fight, fight, fight, we have feeling towards each other bye).  They should have ended on him saying he loves her but noooooo!  They had to squeeze his mother and sister into the story (them last 2 episodes felt like they should have been part of a different season).

I guess the sadist price and the masochist wolf deserve to be together.

Capture 1

Are they trying to say she looks attractive or that she smells fresh?


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