Soranowoto ending (reaction)

CaptureWe are slowly making are way though the list (my new schedule method is really helpful). 

I need to remember that when a show claims to be 13 episodes that generally means that the last episode is filler (I wanted to watch a lot more anime before finishing this show later tonight).  ^-o I should know better by now.

This anime surpassed all my expectation! I thought this show was just going to be about a group of girls being friends in an army setting but I got a lot more than that, do have any idea easy it would have been just to ignore the war plot and just have them hiding in the base say “we are little girls and we a scared”.


That opening seems to have taken heavy influence from Elfen Lied….. Mostly because it was directed by the same person (it didn’t fit the shows theme in Elfen Lied and it defiantly does not work as an opening in this show).

* You can’t warp the meaning of Gustav Klimt’s art in order to fit your shows needs.*

XD I honestly think they came up with that old fantasy story in the show just so they could have an excuse to use that opening style.


The only character that I had a problem with was Kureha Suminoya, she would not stop complaining! The anime says she is 14 but I beg the differ (she act more like an 8 years old with her behaviour/mannerisms).

My only problem with the last two episodes was: Do they know Hungarian or not?

They say they don’t however, we see them reacting to things he is saying and responding to him (consistency, what’s that?).

I found this to be pleasant show that gave me the relaxing feel of a moe/slice of life with the add bonus of a descent conflict/ conclusion.



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