Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! first impression

Capture6 days into the new year and I broke my new years revolution (stick to the timetable).

XD We finally got our magical boy anime!

It feels like years since I have seen a goofy magical show that didn’t go too kodomo or take itself-way too seriously (it has not been halfway for years).

*I personally think that “shugo chara party” was the final nail in the coffin for these kind of shows.*


Dear anime

Don’t call you transformations “love making!” it’s really distractingly funny (It’s not helped by the fact they get naked after saying it). 


There was a lot to take in during this first episode and I can perfectly understand if anyone was to complain about how forced/quick that opening with in the bath house (It was a mess of an introduction).

Those bad guys have a cool theme song that really fits the campy nature of these shows.

I don’t think anyone could look at that magical pink wombat and think this in anyway was a show that would take itself seriously.  To me this is a nostalgia trip back into magical shows from the 2000’s, this was a time where a watched/read a teen anime/manga and never thought about the context of the story/romance (how I envy the innocence of my younger self).

*The first manga I ever questioned the context of was black bird (in case you wanted to know).*

I’m watching this purely for fun and I don’t expect it to go to deep places with its plot.



I don’t know about you other female anime fan but I have wanted to see a magical girl show done with boys for a long time.  T-o just like the gaming industry anime companies refuse to acknowledge that it has a really big female following (In the uk 52% of gamers are female).

*T_o annoying casual vs hardcore war *

^_o Let get back to the main point! last time we had a female show that actual had some effort put into it was “free!” and that show coursed a mighty uproar between a lot of male anime fans.

It’s sad that there is this mentality that if an anime company was to produce shows aimed pacifically at females and “put money and effort into it” they might as well be filing for bankruptcy. O_O no joke, when Kyoani announced “Free!” male fans went nuts shouting this madness from the hills.

 *sorry about my little rant.*



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  1. As a bloke I don’t mind seeing video games featuring attractive women, but like you say the myth that only guys are into gaming is rubbish. Companies should make more of an effort to cater to both genders.

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