update 7/1/2015: Your redesigning them for a 3rd time? (Ty beanies)

First update of the year!

If you are new to my blog you might not be aware that well as being an anime fan i love collecting Ty beanies.

^_^ my collection started with 3 medium my little ponies late 2013 and I collected the others in 2014.

Something seemed very odd when I compared the two, they where not the same beanie designs.

I now have 2 sets of the same beanies on my shelf (2013 set and 2014 set).

My beanie provider called me today telling me about the new ones coming to the shop soon (I like to pre-order sometimes) she seem extra existed to show me the new mlp beanies (big sellers).

 After seeing an advertisement banner on a beanie blog I started to presume that they would be redesigning the mlp beanies for 2015.

Applejack is going to have freckles and apparently look less like shirley temple when sized up to medium (I will never understand why she had curly locks of hair).

Twilight has turned into a lighter purple and pinkie pie has now got darker hair.

all of them have new eye designs.

 ^-o Icy the seal is the next beanie boo I really want.


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