Gugure! Kokkuri-san ending (reaction)

CaptureThere are not many Christmas anime episodes that contain kfc (it’s a big thing in japan).  

If you have watched this anime you might have realized that the image that I’m using is from episode 9, this is because the last 3 episodes are arguably experimental in the tones and humour (looking at an image of episode 11 gives away the running joke).

Episode 12 doesn’t give you many chances to get a decent screen shot….that and the episode wasn’t as funny as the earlier ones (episode 10 and 12 are arguably outliers).

Episode 10 plays it way too strait for a comedy show (There are very little jokes outsides of the pervert and the punchline of the episode).  T-o I really don’t understand why they decided to make 2 episodes that revolved around people coming to terms with their deaths in a comedy show???

*This has to be the first comedy where I actually had something to talk about.*

I was laughing my butt off almost every episode thanks to the creative humour and imaginative personalities of all are main characters (there was so much to work with).

I hope this show gets a second season.

o-o…….O-O……. XD I love you fluffy Kokkuri san!


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