World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman first impression

CaptureThat was on the borders of magical warfare bad.

This anime is wired! When you first look at it everything looks fine and peachy however, when you look a little closer you start to spot dialogue and  scenes that really don’t fit with the context of what’s going on.

This school teaches students to get in touch with their past lives and harness magical powers. Why? I don’t know!

Boy falls into a trace in an assembly and nobody thinks to take him to the nurse (surely the school deals with students having flashbacks all the time).

They must have had some clue he was this legendary hero, why ells would they have let him enter this school (can anyone enter claiming to have a past life).

If episode two gives me just as much to talk about I will consider logging this anime.

*Why is it so hard to make magical school based anime?*


My notes during the episode. 

Did anyone ells spot an oddity when pink girl was putting her swimming costume on?  She never put her arm though the halls in her swimsuit.  At first I thought there might be something that would connect at the back but no (there is not showing boobs and then there is just bending reality).

Why are they in swimming costumes if there transformation changes their clothes?

Why are there 3 older stronger boys in a first year’s class?  O_O why does the oldest school boy look older then the teacher (his eyes say 14-16, but his face says 30-40).

Why are these children in school? I always ask this question when an anime set up a school setting and then proceeded to tell us they already know it all (there is no point in have teachers and classes).

Where did he jet that jacket from?

Boy: “cheer up.” 1. How long have you two been siting together is silence (how did she order that tea?) 2. That was the most uninterested “cheer up” You could have given her after that embarrassing event (she had an axe tear her clothes apart and then was verbally putdown by a higher up).

Girl: “let me tell you my life story.” O_O where did that come from?

Showing a man forcing himself on a woman is wrong however, showing a woman sexual assaulting a man is funny (behold the double standard).   You also have to love how the man gets punished for getting sexual assault because another female sees him as her possession.

This school allows students to use the sports haul unsupervised?

I thought they told us in the first half of this anime that in order to use a spell of you weapon you had to enchant it, how is he using a speed spell?


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  1. I think you forgot to mention how it started where it will probably end and the problems with that.

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