Dropping Unlimited Fafnir


Y-Y drop! drop! drop! drop!


  1. It’s poorly animated
  2. Characters designs are not consistent
  3. “it’s magic, don’t question it” you have to set restriction.

If these girls were as strong as this show claims “we are going to beat this monster next class.”  Why are there dragons still around!

  1. Transition is clunky.
  2. T-o why is there a male dragon on the island if the school knows that if he finds a mate a new monster would be created?
  3. Why do they talk so laid back about killing these monsters if there students keep failing tests.

 ^-o my biggest red flag was our main males leads sister who looks to be 10-12 years old (I refuse to see someone that young be sexualised).

Really shortening my list this year.


2 responses

  1. I do not normally drop shows after the first episode, but this one I did, I did not like the fact more, as in all, the female cast looked super young. Plus several other reasons with the generic reason for a harem plot.

  2. That’s got to be embarrassing for the creators of this show! I already knew it wasn’t a good show… (pictures seen of it)

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