beanie update: Slick

The new 2015 beanie boo are starting to show up.

slick 2 slick

^-o Thanks to my dentist appointment and January being a pain I was only able to get one of the new beanie boos at the moment. 

He is very cute, soft and well constructed.

extra: got to see the new design for the 2015 my little pony beanie today and……Its not good….I think these new designs have the  potential to make some creepy looking beanies.

If you have’t been collecting or keeping an eye on the current ty mlp beanie you might not be aware of the amount of errors that have been appearing. These problems can range from heads not sewn on correctly, small/bent horns, wings are not parallel, overly huge smiles and finally derping (eyes not parallel).

^-o *Most of these problems are found on rainbow dash and twilight sparkle.*

In the shop: I picked up the new small twilight sparkle beanie and spot that its wing had been sewn on to it bottom (I’m a little scared to see how they handle the new medium beanies).


5 responses

  1. Omg do you collect TY soft toys? Or beanies as you call them. I have 2 that I got from a long time ago!

    1. ^_^ There is a small licensed TY provider not far from me (get a text when the new beanies have arrived).
      *it’s fun to geek out with proper ty sellers.*

      I can understand why you would want to call them soft toys (there is barely any bean in them these day).
      Beanies, beanie buddy, beanie boo and ty frizzys are the names of the collections (says on there tags).

      1. Oh I see. So you collect them? How many of them do you have haha

      2. ^-o I only just started collecting last year.
        I would say about 40.

      3. O.o wow thats a lot haha interesting hobby!

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