Drop /postponed Saekano -How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend-


*watched episode 0*

XD Ironic seeing as what they were talking about during the beginning of this anime.

I might return to this when the show has finished and I can read more reviews however, for the moment I’m going to stop because there was one scene that made me feel very uncomfortable.

In over the top comedy harem we are shown by are main males expression that they are sexually aroused by the woman presented and they like to be assaulted and have guns pointed at their head (I don’t understand why a gun to the head is erotic?)

It’s established at the bath scene that are mane male was more annoyed that he couldn’t talk anime with the girls then the fact he couldn’t see them naked. One of the girls takes him into the wood with the intention of helping him write a better erotic script for a game he is making and then….the show put me through a loop.

She starts of by squeezing his bottom and proceeds to work her way up while pretending she is helping him with his story problem, this is followed up by her slowly moving her  leg up to his crotch.

Then another girl takes him and places his head in her boobs and pins him to the floor.

The 3 girl bound his hands and …..O_O think I will let the image speak for itself.

Capture 1

I just watched 3 girls sexually assault this boy and the anime moves along as if nothing happened??? let’s do a little gender swap: 3 high school boys bound a girls arm and then proceeded to play with her privates against her will, After this traumatic experience she walks away as if nothing happened.

It’s got that same disturbing humor that turned me off “your lie in April” (both show do share a lot of the same producers).


4 responses

  1. I will say this, episode 0 is misleading, and episode 1 is a more accurate way of how things will be.

  2. This is why I didn’t watch episode 0 and instead skipped to ep1. I was told that this had nothing to do with the show and was mainly fan service, so I didn’t feel too bad for not watching it. The first episode wasn’t bad though. Completely different from how you described it though.

    1. The first episode bored me, so i went to watch episode 0…O_O and I soon regretted it!
      I have postponed the show in order to find out if this is what the show defines as normal humour.

  3. I thought the suplex he got from his cousin Michiru was brilliant xDD.

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