Samurai Warriors rant

This is not a rant against “Samurai Warriors” specifically however, it is a rant about terminology and this anime’s poor understanding of what counts as a part 2 or a season 2.

I turned on the first episode expecting to be treated to an introduction episode and was instead treated to something more akin to a mid-season episode. I was reasonably confused and had to go onto mal in order to find out what was going on.

Mal: there is a prequel.

T-o I don’t think the writers understand what a prequel is.

Definition: a story or film containing events which precede those of an existing work.

  1. You don’t have to watch a Prequel in order to understand the story after it. g. you don’t have to hobbit in order to understand lord of the rings/ you don’t have to watch the first 3 star wars films in order to understand the last 3.
  2. In this context the first 12 episode of a 24 episode series a prequel.

Y_Y It’s not a prequel when it’s integral to understanding the main story!


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