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My Hama Drow

^_^ I have been wanting to show these two off for a while now.

dungeons and dragons: dark elf (drow).

*Made of hama beads*

drowdrider  XD The two bushes/mossy rocks  that little drow is standing on were originally created for this drider however, I discovered it’s going to need a much more complicated stand if it’s going to support the abdomen.

what do you guys think? 

Nobunaga Concerto ending (reaction)

CaptureIt’s now time to finish off one of the most underrated anime’s of 2014.

The reason this anime was not watched by many anime fans was because the animation was odd and there had already been 2 Nobunaga anime’s released that year (I watch 3 Nobunaga anime that year and I was not excited  to see a 4th).

Out of all of the interpretations I had to watch this one felt like it wasn’t yelling down your ears or using flashy gimmicks in order to keep my attention, it respected its audience enough to blend the gimmick of time travel into the show without disturbing the tone of the times.

The only down side to this anime is that it just ends.

No explanation about the time travelers

The main male lead is stuck in a different time period

They set up a villain that doesn’t go anywhere (unless you know your history)

 *There are way too many loose ends.*

I want to see more episodes! 

This was by far the best Nobunaga of last year.

INVADERS of the ROKUJYOMA!? first impression

Capture 1XD we finally started all of the anime’s on my 2014 list! *excluding the animax list*

I don’t know whether I should call this anime forced and cramped or insanely fun?  If we are looking at this anime from a story perspective it’s just an introductory episode trying to force as many characters and there explanations within the small time limit (it’s a mess and only serves to set up a quick harem for our male lead).

If we are too look at this anime from a tone perspective you suddenly find yourself laughing at how absurd the explanations for stealing this really cheap room away from this boy (5000 yen a month– under £30 – just over $40). O_O I will gladly fight for this cheap place!

For a harem the animation is amazingly good , it help capture the energy of all the girls and tells us the audience a lot about the characters without explicitly telling us (been a long time since I have seen anime speak though its animation).

This is probably going to be a horrible show…..but it a very fun way. ^_^

Shirobako midway impression

CaptureHow does one even discuss anything about an anime making anime?

T-o I’m watching people work……interesting?

Things that bug me:

In episode 12 there is an old guy telling are animating team how to manage their time and edit out overly complicated animation from the script.  This is basic editing and time management skill!

“Don’t let the animation melt.” What you mean to say is don’t let the animation become rubbery/runny egg. I don’t think any anime characters have actually melted in to jelly monsters (not in a way this anime depicts). *it’s just an over exaggeration of what could happen.*

The key animators (the ones we see) are drawing way too slow. In Art College we were taught how to draw fast in order for us to keep up a descent pace and complete deadlines (O_O They had stop watches man).  In short, keep up the pace you don’t have the time to mess about.

*wish I had a table.*

Are main characters (doughnut girls) are questioning the choices and are overly stressed by the amount or lack of work, in sort they are coming face to face with reality (You must start from the bottom until you reach the top ).

There isn’t anything to really say about the anime outside of they finished the anime…..yay I guess.

XD I was too late (this is the 25th post) .

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace ending (reaction)

CaptureYou should total have full dominate love over are only male friend that you have shared no chemistry with because I think you look good together (O_0 that’s my honest interpretation of the confiscation they are having in this scene).

I have watched the entire show and I still disagree with that title! *looks at the little corner of the title* “Inou battle within everyday life”  *thinks about it* nope! I still have a problem with it.


T-o commonplace definition: a usual or ordinary thing.


How many battles do these characters get into throughout this show? Answer: not many (how can it be commonplace when it rarely happens).

It could be referring to the battles of everyday life…which would make the power aspect seem pointless.  In the last episode we are told there is a war in the background and that’s why they have powers……doesn’t really go anywhere, in fact I don’t even know why the show even mentioned it to the audience  because our characters never learn this information (it wasn’t relevant outside of forcing an ending conflict ).

The first half of this anime is slice of life and the second half abruptly turns into a harem.

^_^ I believe this quote explains what was going through my head during the second half.

Soldier: oh no sir the woman are getting horny.

Captain: Do it for your country men!

*thumbs up if you know the anime that line comes from.*


T-o….. *why do I feel so drained?*

My head keeps wanting to black out (it’s driving me nuts).

^-o luckily for me I have to take Tuesday off  (need to take the last of my holidays) so I will be able to get back into normal anime impression tomorrow.


update: second game (D&D)

I have been using the warm cloak my grandmother gave me for Christmas a lot recently (it’s thick fabric keeps me really warm and thanks to the arm halls I don’t feel too constricted). ^-o The cool thing is that when the weather gets warm I just swap it for the one DB got me for Christmas the year before.

I bring this cloak up because today it was raining and the only thing protecting my books/folder was my old collage shoulder bag tucked under the fabric.  ^_^ It saved my books!

*I could feel the bag starting to drench though until I placed the cloak over it.*

I get given the oddest of gifts! *ask for a brooch and got given a cloak (My family must think I look good in them.) *

My friend thankfully spotted me walking up the road when my body seemed to have given up on me (T-o I forgot to eat and drink again). I was excited to play with 4 adventures today before I got a text saying my half elf was ill.

In game: players: “where is the half elf?” response:“she got the trots and had to run off.” 

*It was the first thing that popped into my head*

T-o glad that I did write down the notes from the last session because I kept forgetting the names of the npc’s.

^-^ I was annoyed that I got in a stuck in stalemate with one of my players however, I’m extremely happy that she is finally opening up and talking as Tana the gnome.

O_O My favorite part: Apparently the mountain Dwarf pirate had a one night stand with a tiefling before raiding his ship (they met in the prancing unicorn tavern).

Love Stage!! midway impression


Take a gander into procrastination land.

O_O oh my goodness a boy love anime that doesn’t pander to the lowest denominator!

Here is the set up: when he (in the image above) was little his parents had to dress him up as a little girl in order to finish an advert. The little girl was accompanied with a little boy in order to make it look like to two children might make a cute couple when they grew older.

We discover that the little boy had a crush on the cross dresser (he didn’t know) and continued to think about her straight up to the day when they meet again in order to do a second advert. He finds out that the she was a he and starts to feel conflated about his feeling towards this person before deciding that he still loves the cross-dresser he met as a child.

Ryouma loves Izumi and will do anything to be with him/make him happy.

Izumi only cares about making his manga (He can’t draw) and his favorite anime character magical lulu.

Izumi’s drawing is so bad it makes you wonder if his hand writing is even legible (This guy can’t connect lines and seems to have problems drawing curves).

So you want to learn something interesting about me and drawing?  ^_^ I didn’t learn how to hold a pencil until I was 7-8 years old and it wasn’t until I was 9-11 years old when the school gave me a scribe.  *They used to put me in the back of the class with a colouring book and pencils (that I couldn’t grip.)*  because I couldn’t write they didn’t teach me how to read.

O_O I guess his bad drawing kind of resonates with me on a deep personal level.

When I was in year 6 I met an illustrator and showed him my drawings….his response was not an uplifting one (I thought he would be a little more supportive towards a child).

Y-Y In your face random guy for I completed my 4 year art college course with an D*DD.

sorry about the tangent but… *sigh*Izumi bad drawing really hits a personal note with me.  

Angry rant: Pokémon shuffle is a free Pokémon link/trozei, stop complaining!

1. Y-o I have seen this being said in loads of reviews of this game “It’s just a candy crush clone”.  Pokemon link was released on pal in 2006 (2005 in japan), candy crush was created in 2012.


pokemon link


2.  “I hate the fact I can’t binge game Pokémon shuffle”.  T-o Pokemon link/trozei battle is the exact same game with a different layout.


pokemon link 3ds


3. why is it called shuffle?  T_o It avoids the the link/trozei problem.

It’s a free Pokemon link/trozei why are people complaining.

“Because it has microtransactions and a timer” you have to expect them to make there money back some how (your not forced to buy jewels).

^-^ I had to get that of my chest. 

wish I could find the Link version of this advert.


link them up

4 in a row and you’re good to go.

*I’m glared they lowed it to 3 in row in the new game.*

Parasyte -the maxim- midway impression

CaptureThis perfectly depicts me watching this anime.

Is it me or have the murders become a lot less horrifying? I don’t know if it’s something to do with music, lighting or even the animation but something is making the monsters killing sprees seem a lot less graphic (I can’t shake off the feeling something is missing).

“Am I a monster?”  You are what you feel dude.

I don’t really feel that attached to any of the characters at the moment, which could be because the anime is trying to make me view the world though are main leads unfeeling eyes (I might be giving this show too much credit).

I hope it can manage to hold itself together in the second half.