Dai-Shogun –Great Revolution- first impression

Capture“90% off at the sex house” *snicker* It’s commonly called  a brothel.

This is my farther stereotypical anime: “It’s all about strong men holding huge weapons yelling I will revenge you.” or as I would put it “Manly men who laugh at manly things.”

*Thumbs up to anyone who gets that joke.*

The animation is as cheap as it comes (I have seen animated manga that have more life then this). We get treated to loads of still frames and movement that make you wonder if all of these characters are just paper cutouts that are just being slightly moved each scene.

The writing is fairly bland with nothing in particular catching my eye (part from the sex house).I had to watch this anime twice because  I was kind of falling asleep while watching this the first time round (that’s never a good sign for any anime).



One response

  1. Yeah falling asleep while watching an anime definitely means it’s not very entertaining.

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