Nanana’s Buried Treasure ending (reaction)

CaptureThat’s one big bulb. 

Who,what, when, where, why! These are the 5 question this anime loves to avoid.

*This anime has a premiss……and that’s about it.*

The anime is about some students finding magical treasure in puzzle dungeons.

I don’t even know how they find most of these puzzle dungeons!
Why is Nanana haunting that one room?  Because she dose!

Did Nanana craft the magical items herself? I presume.

Did Nanana create the dungeons? I don’t know!

Why did Nanana hide her treasure?  …….T-o I would say “It was because the items were really powerful” but then I would have to ask this question “If she knew they were too powerful for mortal hands why did she keep crafted them.”

Is Nanana a wizard?  I don’t know!

Unless you like dungeon exploration there is very little reason to watch this anime.




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