Baby Steps first impression

CaptureHe’s staring into my soul! *This dead eyed stare happens way too often.*

This anime is about tennis….T-T *slowly comes a realization* The characters better be interesting.  From what this first episode has presented to me character wise I’m not that impressed (I will give them 3 more episodes).

 *Every anime deserves a chance.*

“He is so amazingly organised that he eats his lunch in sections.”  O_o I thought everyone did that (have I been doing it wrong all this time?).

I understand that we are meant to find the fact that this boy has loads of note books of information impressive however, I’m just wonder how bad he must be at retaining information.

question on the bored


His answer:

=(x+2)(x+11) (x+3)(x+10)-180

=(X2 +13x + 22)(x2+13x+30)-180





=(x+1)(x+1)(5)(x+8) *the ending was a little cut off*

O_O what the heck was he writing????  It seemed like a simple  expanding brackets question.




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