YUKI YUNA IS A HERO ending (reaction)

CaptureI feel ambivalent when talking about this ending.

I know many people will disagree with me on this: I was not satisfied with the ending to this anime. When the girls were talking about friendship and how they didn’t want to see the each other get hurt I was just thinking:  “You are willing to kill thousands of people just so you can be with your 4 friends??? O_o are you mad!”

My biggest problem with this ending has to be how easy it was to defeat the final obstacle and regain their lives.  There is a hero in this anime who has loads of fairies and the power of a god and you’re telling me she never attempted to destroy the world on the other side of the wall???

I don’t understand why there are so many moments where are characters get knocked out cold “is she dead *yells and shakes her*” you can’t die!  Those fairies are doing a poor job when it comes down to your protection.

How can I see these girls as hero’s when as soon as they are told about what they have to sacrifice they suddenly become really selfish?   The message I got form these charterers was:  “I only like being a hero when there is nothing at stake.”

The entire reason we call people heroes is because they had to fight against adversity in order to perform a commendable act of bravery or selflessness. The sacrifice of your body to the gods gives you powers to protect a large amount of people form dying a horrible death (you get praised as a god for doing such an amazing act).

 *I might just be looking too deeply into it. *sigh*

Outside of the ending I really did enjoy this anime.



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