Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (I tried)


Though out this night I have been trying to put my word to computer, I have been having a hard time completing this task.  Whenever one has to talk about magical girls there is a lot of….how does one put it? Ever magical girl is a sailor moon clone.  After watching this 6 episode of this anime I could easily tell you that the joke seem to be taking the micky out of pretty cure then anything ells.

The only thing that anyone could argue is sailor moon like is the designs of the bad guys. Can  people stop pretending that they know magical girls just  because they watched 6 episode sailor moon as a child (if you want to say there are similarities mention them).

This is the general argument “There both have magical warriors fighting together.” I have honestly heard people call madoka a rip off of sailor moon because it contains girls fighting monsters.

To me this argument hold just as much water as attack on titan fan’s calling black bullet a rip off because both shows have walls (that actual happened).

I love this anime but, my enjoyment is being heavily hindered by this age old argument.

Might have another go a reviewing this anime tomorrow. 


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