Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! midway impression

CaptureI feel a bit more level headed today.

Let’s all meet up at the rendezvous point: The bathtub! 🐱 screw your royal gardens and shops we have a warm bath to hang out in.

If you haven’t seen many many magical girl shows I doubt your going to actually understand many of the jokes cluttered throughout this anime. I think saddest thing I have come across with this anime are people who can’t seem to pick up on the fact this anime is making fun of magical girl tropes (I have read a lot of reviews of people who think it’s meant to be taken seriously).

I don’t know how many of my readers have seen the later seasons of pretty cure so let me explain, each episode seems to follow the same formula (a friend convinced me to watch doki doki) :  girls have normal problems –  someone has a bad thought – gets turned into a monster- girls beat him with the magic of love- get forced fed the moral of the day.

* Only evil people want the lights to change at a crossing.*

All magical girls fights basically come down to the angels of justice fighting the demons of evil  (A cliche older then storytelling itself).  I’m amazed that they haven’t taken to mick out of the romantic guardian of the night (again a cliche from romantic novels) oh, don’t forget the chosen one cliche.

There is a small joke about transformation in this show which I wound not be surprised if anyone missed it. The only time the full transformations are shown is when the anime desperately need filler in order to pad out the episode (^-o it’s the perfect get out card for the animators).

Behold our team power…..even though it’s only are leader that actual dose anything of value most of the time.  Yumoto is the only character the actual dose anything magical related while the others give him power and moral support….sounds like a lot of magical girl anime I have seen.

Personally love this show even if many other people can’t get the joke (Has anyone else notice a strange level of homophobia towards this anime?).

*”The men are too cuddly with each other.” whats wrong with that?*




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