Kamigami no Asobi first impression

CaptureEvery screen shot I took looked ether uninteresting,dull or misleading.  

I think this anime is about some random female who gets teleported to a different world and now has to show a selection of god’s love in order to stop a war (I think?).

Our female lead oddly has no real reactions to the saturation she has found herself in.  Hidden sowed almost hit her with lightning when she tries to touch it, how does she respond? “I wonder what would happen if I touch it again.”

“I seem to have entered a really tall hallway that I have never come across?”

  1. Your home is too small to have rooms this tall.
  2. There are strange a man roaming the halls of a hallway that you think is attached to your house…and your not is the slightest bit worried?
  3. What kind of high school girl chases a bunny when they are in an unknown environment?
  4. Why are you so relaxed!

Each of the men fulfill a particular fetish that is bound to titillate a fair amount are the females watching this anime. Each of the men seem to get catchy  orchestral pieces that make you mind flutter away as they lay there hand before you and say “you are my one and only love.” ^-o and then you finally follow it all up with sexy fanfiction.

*Ignore the girl and go strait for boy love.*


One response

  1. somethingaboutlynlyn | Reply

    I finished this anime, and I must say it wasn’t what I was expecting. It could have been better.

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