DRAMAtical Murder ending (reaction)

CaptureThis anime is about some bad guys doing bad things and are main lead has powers because science.

There was a lot of drama…..I got nothing.

Do you know what the biggest failing is with dramatic anime novel adaptations?

Answer:  they for get to animate the words.

You might be wondering what I mean by that.

We see many moments thought out this anime of are main lead having “what we are told” touching moments with his friends who are in a lot of pain, “We are told” he has a good relationship with his grandmother and “We are told” the bad guys are bad because they take over people’s minds (I think) and make things unpleasant (they are the bad guys because they do bad things).

Animation is a visual media! Show me these people care for each other (ham it up if you have to). The entire point of drama as a genre is to be over the top with your stories and play with the viewers emotions in order to get a reaction from them.

^-o female fan-service: If you can win them with sexy men though some boy love their way (The lemons grow them selves).


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