Parasyte -the maxim- midway impression

CaptureThis perfectly depicts me watching this anime.

Is it me or have the murders become a lot less horrifying? I don’t know if it’s something to do with music, lighting or even the animation but something is making the monsters killing sprees seem a lot less graphic (I can’t shake off the feeling something is missing).

“Am I a monster?”  You are what you feel dude.

I don’t really feel that attached to any of the characters at the moment, which could be because the anime is trying to make me view the world though are main leads unfeeling eyes (I might be giving this show too much credit).

I hope it can manage to hold itself together in the second half.


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  1. The anime’ tone certainly has shifted from an unknown “enemy” to focusing on the internal dilemma effecting Shinichi. The second half focuses on that, due to the loss of “humanity” and isolation Shinichi is going through. It pretty much follows the manga closely there Icy, no sudden improvisation or deviation from it.

    1. I understand he believes loosing his humanity and fears he is a monster however, the story is not the problem I take with this anime.

      The best way I can describe my problem with the animation: you might be able to sing beautiful but, that doesn’t mean you will be a great musical actor.

      Y-o It feels like the director is really inexperienced when it comes to setting the mood of a horror anime. *looks up the team* I was correct they are heavily inexperienced.

      1. It’s not your “typical” horror show there Icy. Madhouse have done the odd one or two. So you’ll be right in saying they are somewhat inexperienced. You just have to look at hollywood and see just how cliche their horror movies have become. It’s always a tough genre, horror is.

      2. I don’t really have a personal definition of a typical horror show (I have not seen enough to make a correlation).

        This is probably a great story in the manga (you can see and spirt/passion admit from the art work) however, when you turn any story into an anime you need to inset your own studios personal touch in order to replace the spirt/passion that will be lost conversion.

        Simplified explanation: If I got you and your friend to both draw bunnies they would most likely look different. If I then ask you both to copy each other’s bunnies they would end up looking slightly off because you don’t see the same style of bunny in your heads.

        This anime is that strange looking bunny.

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