Angry rant: Pokémon shuffle is a free Pokémon link/trozei, stop complaining!

1. Y-o I have seen this being said in loads of reviews of this game “It’s just a candy crush clone”.  Pokemon link was released on pal in 2006 (2005 in japan), candy crush was created in 2012.


pokemon link


2.  “I hate the fact I can’t binge game Pokémon shuffle”.  T-o Pokemon link/trozei battle is the exact same game with a different layout.


pokemon link 3ds


3. why is it called shuffle?  T_o It avoids the the link/trozei problem.

It’s a free Pokemon link/trozei why are people complaining.

“Because it has microtransactions and a timer” you have to expect them to make there money back some how (your not forced to buy jewels).

^-^ I had to get that of my chest. 

wish I could find the Link version of this advert.


link them up

4 in a row and you’re good to go.

*I’m glared they lowed it to 3 in row in the new game.*


One response

  1. The idea isn’t anything new anyways, there was even an old Game Boy game that did this kind of similar play. “But yes, some people need to get their facts straight before calling clone.”

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