Love Stage!! midway impression


Take a gander into procrastination land.

O_O oh my goodness a boy love anime that doesn’t pander to the lowest denominator!

Here is the set up: when he (in the image above) was little his parents had to dress him up as a little girl in order to finish an advert. The little girl was accompanied with a little boy in order to make it look like to two children might make a cute couple when they grew older.

We discover that the little boy had a crush on the cross dresser (he didn’t know) and continued to think about her straight up to the day when they meet again in order to do a second advert. He finds out that the she was a he and starts to feel conflated about his feeling towards this person before deciding that he still loves the cross-dresser he met as a child.

Ryouma loves Izumi and will do anything to be with him/make him happy.

Izumi only cares about making his manga (He can’t draw) and his favorite anime character magical lulu.

Izumi’s drawing is so bad it makes you wonder if his hand writing is even legible (This guy can’t connect lines and seems to have problems drawing curves).

So you want to learn something interesting about me and drawing?  ^_^ I didn’t learn how to hold a pencil until I was 7-8 years old and it wasn’t until I was 9-11 years old when the school gave me a scribe.  *They used to put me in the back of the class with a colouring book and pencils (that I couldn’t grip.)*  because I couldn’t write they didn’t teach me how to read.

O_O I guess his bad drawing kind of resonates with me on a deep personal level.

When I was in year 6 I met an illustrator and showed him my drawings….his response was not an uplifting one (I thought he would be a little more supportive towards a child).

Y-Y In your face random guy for I completed my 4 year art college course with an D*DD.

sorry about the tangent but… *sigh*Izumi bad drawing really hits a personal note with me.  


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