When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace ending (reaction)

CaptureYou should total have full dominate love over are only male friend that you have shared no chemistry with because I think you look good together (O_0 that’s my honest interpretation of the confiscation they are having in this scene).

I have watched the entire show and I still disagree with that title! *looks at the little corner of the title* “Inou battle within everyday life”  *thinks about it* nope! I still have a problem with it.


T-o commonplace definition: a usual or ordinary thing.


How many battles do these characters get into throughout this show? Answer: not many (how can it be commonplace when it rarely happens).

It could be referring to the battles of everyday life…which would make the power aspect seem pointless.  In the last episode we are told there is a war in the background and that’s why they have powers……doesn’t really go anywhere, in fact I don’t even know why the show even mentioned it to the audience  because our characters never learn this information (it wasn’t relevant outside of forcing an ending conflict ).

The first half of this anime is slice of life and the second half abruptly turns into a harem.

^_^ I believe this quote explains what was going through my head during the second half.

Soldier: oh no sir the woman are getting horny.

Captain: Do it for your country men!

*thumbs up if you know the anime that line comes from.*



2 responses

  1. Objection! It was harem already in episode 3 xD And the direction was clear in Episode 2 with that little heart to heart.

    Besides being offensive and insulting, this whole ending seemed wishy washy. It was a clever fight, at least, but the character stuff was just so generic, it hadn’t progressed at all from where it sat at episode 3.

    1. XD I didn’t really notice it was a harem until the second half where the powers almost completely down played (it was as if they ran out of idea’s for stories revolving around the powers ).

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