INVADERS of the ROKUJYOMA!? first impression

Capture 1XD we finally started all of the anime’s on my 2014 list! *excluding the animax list*

I don’t know whether I should call this anime forced and cramped or insanely fun?  If we are looking at this anime from a story perspective it’s just an introductory episode trying to force as many characters and there explanations within the small time limit (it’s a mess and only serves to set up a quick harem for our male lead).

If we are too look at this anime from a tone perspective you suddenly find yourself laughing at how absurd the explanations for stealing this really cheap room away from this boy (5000 yen a month– under £30 – just over $40). O_O I will gladly fight for this cheap place!

For a harem the animation is amazingly good , it help capture the energy of all the girls and tells us the audience a lot about the characters without explicitly telling us (been a long time since I have seen anime speak though its animation).

This is probably going to be a horrible show…..but it a very fun way. ^_^


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