Shirobako midway impression

CaptureHow does one even discuss anything about an anime making anime?

T-o I’m watching people work……interesting?

Things that bug me:

In episode 12 there is an old guy telling are animating team how to manage their time and edit out overly complicated animation from the script.  This is basic editing and time management skill!

“Don’t let the animation melt.” What you mean to say is don’t let the animation become rubbery/runny egg. I don’t think any anime characters have actually melted in to jelly monsters (not in a way this anime depicts). *it’s just an over exaggeration of what could happen.*

The key animators (the ones we see) are drawing way too slow. In Art College we were taught how to draw fast in order for us to keep up a descent pace and complete deadlines (O_O They had stop watches man).  In short, keep up the pace you don’t have the time to mess about.

*wish I had a table.*

Are main characters (doughnut girls) are questioning the choices and are overly stressed by the amount or lack of work, in sort they are coming face to face with reality (You must start from the bottom until you reach the top ).

There isn’t anything to really say about the anime outside of they finished the anime…..yay I guess.

XD I was too late (this is the 25th post) .


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